Good…morning (as I write this). If you’re reading this, I imagine you’re very much like myself, in that you’ve Googled “Manchester United” in an attempt to find someone writing stuff about United that isn’t rehashed news stories and transfer stories linking us to every centre forward on the planet. If that’s the case; welcome. If not; please stay. My name is Thomas Willoughby, and I am a “typical united fan” (clues in the name). Let me explain. I’ve been bound to United since the day my dad wrapped me in a united scarf hours after birth. So…from birth. I’ve loved this club for as long as I can remember. The only problem (not really a problem but people love making it a problem) is that I’m not from Manchester. I’m from the south of all places! Doesn’t matter to me, but it does to some. I’m a second year season ticket holder, and I’ve got some things to write about.

The point of this blog, mainly, is to satisfy my own need to get my opinions out of my head. Hopefully I can entertain some of you over the course of these writings, hopefully I can get a conversation or two started about the side.

Please stay tuned, as I have a piece planned assessing the state of the squad, to be published either later today, or tomorrow, as well as regular previews, match reports, and features on the hard hitting issues, like why Juan Mata is the most important attacking cog in the machine, or what might happen if we signed a really really good centre back or something.

I’ve literally typed this up on my phone in the way to work, so excuse any monotony you might have been exposed to over the course of reading this. The next one will be typed up using a laptop, so I’ll be able to put pictures and stuff up.

In the mean time, I will talk to you soon. Thanks for stopping in.

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